Approaching stealers devs : a brief interview with Lumma C2

To completely understand what’s going on in a market that has been growing in the last years I found mandatory to know which players are dominating it. Always remember that behind every user of the Internet there is another human like you, so if you can be kind enough to reach them and they agree, you can have a little talk. Asking things is not a crime.

Please note everything that stated on this blog has only an informational purpose. I will never promote the use of these products.

Let’s see, LummaC2: @lummanowork

English translations from Russian

The Lumma guy seemed to know me before I even started to talk to him. I’m actively tracking Lumma C2s and reporting them to Abuse ThreatFox. So yes, the stealer guys also seem to be looking at us 🙂
He shows himself as a kind and open person, and I have nothing to reproach. He was, indeed, very kind to me.

The interview was made in Russian. Since I was using a translator, questions will be shown in original english, and answers will be given both in original Russian (in case translation is misled) and translations to english.

How would you describe Lumma?

Я думаю сейчас это один из самых технологичных стиллеров(stealer) на рынке, технологии сначала появляются у нас, а потом они появляются у конкурентов. Мы всегда работаем над совершенствованием продукта, несмотря на то, что у нас уже много клиентов. Многие останавливаются на достигнутом, мы — не останавливаемся.

If you need a further description on Lumma by its owners you can always check: LummaC2 — universal stealer, a malware for professionals. — Telegraph

What does the name “Lumma” means?

Логотип у меня был в голове давно. Птица — символ мира, легкости и спокойствия. По этому нужно было придумать такое же легкое и спокойное название. Зарабатывать с нами так же легко.

What makes Lumma different from other products?

Технологичность, поддержка. Обратите внимание как быстро я вам отвечаю

How many people do you think have tested this product? Approximately

У нас около 400 активных клиентов. Это очень много

From what I’m learning, having such a large number of customers can be considered big. Most of the projects doesn’t want too much attention, some others want to grow as big as they can!

Since when has LUMMA been working?

Скоро нам год 🙂

Please find at the bottom of this interview some news about this incoming event

In June 2023, a very big update came out. Since then, the use of LUMMA has been on the rise.

Самое большое обновление из 25 пунктов вышло на прошлой неделе

I say this because I believe that since that day, people have been using LUMMA more often. Do you agree?

Использование Lumma растет постепенно, например за прошлую неделю нашими клиентами стали больше 20 человек

When asking about the “June ’23 Update” I was trying to refer to the moment that I got very interested in Lumma: when I noticed the first domain being used by this stealer as a C2. I don’t know if I was late or fast, just that since that moment Lumma was using custom domains. More updates were done, and the notoriety of Lumma increased exponentially.


The “past week update” was shared on Twitter:
And you can check it here: Update 8.11 — Telegraph
It is alledgelly called as “the biggest update since the opening of the project”

Who came up with the idea of placing poems in the Lumma infraestructure? We will see more poems?

Да как-то единогласно. Про стихи пока ничего не скажу. Мы любим русских поэтов и русскую литературу 😁

One fancy thing about the Lumma C2s were the poems added to their domains. We had “Sergey Yesenin — You don’t love me, you don’t regret me” and “CHARLES BAUDELAIRE, “FLOWERS OF EVIL”, VERSE 29″.
They got deleted, in fact, having these texts on C2s helped to track them more easily. It wasn’t that bad to have a non-boring C2, hope one day we will se more things on their domains. (So we can look for them :p)

LUMMA is used by both individuals and teams as a feature. People love LUMMA. Do you think LUMMA can be used more often than REDLINE, META, RACCOON or others?

Думаю, да. К нам приходят много клиентов из перечисленных продуктов

Please note that people will buy a license of a stealer for themselves, and sometimes to work in small groups of 2–4 people. Also note that when talking about a team, everyone has access, so dozens of users are retrieving builds from the same panel. It is a fact that the use of Lumma has been increasing a lot: some people participating actively in the market and with years of experience on this field have switched completely to Lumma. This project has made his way into the Big Five’s!

Speaking about the market, how do you see it? Is this a good time to work? Or is there a shortage of products? A lot of people I’ve talked to complain about this

На рынке есть спрос, и думаю предложение спросу соответствует. Работникам посоветуйте наш продукт

and in the future?

В ближайшие 2–3 года мы будем тут

To explain this I will say that I have talked with other people working with stealers, and somehow there is a common feeling: the shortage of valid providers of accounts used in malware spreading, and the difficulty to innovate in the ways they share malware. The lack of products have also a common cause: Ukraine War, hope one day I can dive further on the point of view of these users.
There is a demand on the market, he is right.

People have been working for months even years, and we will surely see more people in the following years.

LUMMA does not allow you to work with Russians. LUMMA protects Russians. What is your opinion of people working with Russians? with other products

У нас есть традиция и правило «не срать там где живешь». За разблокировку работы по русским мне предлагали 25 тысяч долларов. Мы всегда отказываем таким клиентам

The “anti-CIS” policies are present in most of the malware projects, that shouldn’t be nothing new. “Protect the motherland and the motherland will protect you”.

If only someone could modify LUMMA to work with the Russians (as happened with WHITESNAKE). What are you going to do?

Никто не сможет этого сделать. У нас другая архитектура

FYI WhiteSnake Stealer project got banned from some Russian forums after “some customer modified the build and removed Anti-CIS module”. As stated before, that’s a red flag and developers must take care of it.

What would you say to those “information security experts” who are trying to track LUMMA?

Передаю им привет. Я не против что нас отслеживают. Напротив — это дает популярность Lumma.


I think that’s all))) is there something to say?
Do you have anything ready for the anniversary?

Да, будет конкурс, будет большая статья с тем, что изменилось у нас за год

That’s an exclusive: Lumma 1st anniversary will be at December 21st, 2023. He was offering discounts at month anniversaries, but I believe this will be a different moment. As said, Lumma is working on a contest and an article regarding Russia. Expect high activity on those days! Waiting for further news!

The end?

Remember to check the other interviews at: g0njxa — Medium

Expect more content,
Best regards.


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